We are proud to partner with ‘Sizer’ an extremely accurate augmented reality (AR) body measuring app. If you cannot make it into our Blanchardstown store, Sizers AR technology will provide us with measurements so that we can alter the suit to fit you perfectly prior to your arrival. If you prefer to shop from home you can be assured that if you order online you won’t have to send it back as it will fit. Simply download the Android or Apple app to your phone, follow our simple instructions and then use the code ‘ct2357‘ to upload your measurements!

Measuring Tips

  • Wear tight fitting clothes such as sports tights, boxer shorts, vest tops
  • Remove shoes
  • Tie long hair back
  • Ensure mobile device is placed at a 90 °angle on a flat surface and stand around 2 meters back
  • Start scan and follow the tutorial
  • Ensure you can see your body from head to toe in the frame, with your feet above the pink line
  • Complete the 360 °turn very slowly
  • After measurement is complete, ensure to enter your correct name, gender and height