CT2 Formal Wear Wedding Hire process:

  • Suits are available for collection generally two days prior to your wedding date (We can accommodate different collection times on request). We ask clients to take all of their suits on the designated collection date after 4pm. We ask everyone to try on at home and should there be any alterations to be made CT2 will be available the following day to make amendments.
  • Suits are required to be returned all together in their suit carriers on their agreed return date.
  • Fittings for your guests are to be carried out no later than 5pm Monday to Saturday. We ask that you do not organise any more than two individuals at anyone time.
  • Pageboys or young children are requested to come in 7-10 days prior to the wedding date for fittings as we will put the exact suits by for them. Please bring their shoes that they will be wearing on the day for their fitting.
  • CT2 will provide the following within your hire: Suit, waistcoat, shirt/cuff links & tie or cravat. Please remember we will do our best to facilitate your required colour of tie or cravat but occasionally we can’t match all colours’. If you decide the colour has to be a perfect match for example – A tie to a Bridesmaid’s dress then in this case we would ask you to provide material and we would have a cravat made for €15.00 and a tie for €12.50 per item.
  • Shoes are not included for adults or children. We only have shoes for the purpose of fitting adults i.e. to get the correct leg length in trousers.