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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people should we bring with us when choosing suits for our wedding day?

In our experience we find that limiting numbers, especially at the important choosing time, is advisable. When groups arrive, there can be too many opinions, we suggest that the bride and groom and either the best man or mother of the bride/groom at a maximum, any more than this can just make an otherwise pleasant and exciting experience stressful, at this important stage. Unlike some hire companies, we are happy for you to take a photograph on a mobile phone or with a camera so that you may show the suits to other members of the bridal party/family for their comments. Then, at a later date the groomsmen and father’s of the bride and groom can visit to try on the suit that you have chosen for them.

We are getting married abroad, when do we need to return the suits ?

Depending on the size of your wedding party, if your best man is travelling with you, he will normally return the suit on your behalf. If you are getting married and travelling on to your honeymoon destination than we can arrange for you to keep the suit/s at no extra cost depending on the duration. Please enquire at time of booking.

How long before the event do I need to book ?

For weddings we suggest that you book as early as is possible. Booking early will ensure that you can choose from our full range and also our the full size range. For school debs, a day at the races or any black tie events we suggest you book no later than two weeks to one month before the function. We can (almost) accommodate last minute bookings if necessary.

I'm traveling to Ireland to get Married, how can you help here?

If you’re living overseas and are coming home to get married, let us look after you. We can use our Facetime Appointment service and our handy Suit Measurement App to take the pressure and stress out of selecting your suits for your special day

Do I need to make an appointment ?

We open Monday to Saturday 10.00 – 5.30pm.

It is not necessary to make an advance appointment although at certain times, we get very busy for example on Saturday afternoons and you may
experience a short wait before we can assist you.

Please note we do not take fittings after 5.00pm Monday – Saturday.

My groomsmen live all over Ireland & Overseas, how do we get them fitted ?

Go to the PDF Suit Fitting Form (click the button below), forward it to your groomsman and have them take it to a local tailor/dressmaker.

They will (usually) offer a free measuring service.

Your groomsman can then email or post the form to us & the suit will be ready for collection at your convenience.