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CT2 Appointments

CT2 - Wedding Party Appointments

CT2 - Wedding Party Appointments

Schedule an appointment with our tailors to pick out the ideal suit from our exclusive selection; receive precise measurements for a faultless fit; and collect your garment in plenty of time for your special occasion. Our ultimate ambition is to make you feel relaxed, assured, and enthusiastic about your wedding day ensemble.

Our appointments for Wedding Parties are available on Saturdays only .

We now have two types of appointments for weddings, a viewing and a booking .

Viewings are suitable for viewing our collection, getting advice on what to book and to chat with our staff about pricing, this can take about 10minutes.

Booking Suits appointments can take a bit longer as we also include tailoring in this session and confirm dates of your pick up and return of suit .

Group sizes are a maximum of 4 per booking . 

To book a Final Fitting (required before your wedding pick up) click here 

How does it work ?

Book your appointment with our tailoring experts, browse our range of suits, undergo professional measurements and tailoring to ensure a perfect fit, and confirm your suit in time for your significant event.

Choose to walk away with your suit on the same day or let us suggest a date for pickup and drop-off of your rental.

Do i need to book an appointment ?

To ensure a highly trained wedding specialist is available for your private appointment, we recommend booking in advance.

What do I need to bring ?

We have everything you need, including shirts, shoes, ties, and more, so there's no need to bring anything with you. Just ensure that you arrive on time as there may be an appointment following your visit.

What if I can't make the appointment...

If for any reason you are unable to attend or wish to reschedule the appointment, you have the ability to do so on our booking page. For any further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our wedding specialists at . Please give atleast 24hrs notice.

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